What is Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internships?

What is Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internship?

Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internships (Intern/Co-op) is a program where students apply what they have learned in the classroom to an internship or job. Eligible students may earn  college credits. The program offers two major services to our students: Work Experience (WEXP) classes and internship referral assistance.

What is Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internship?

Internship Referral Assistance - To obtain an internship, read through the Internship Program for eligibility; then register to the Los Rios Internships & Career Services - LINCS System  where you can view currently posted internships and upload your resume, unofficial transcripts and proof of enrollment to a Work Experience (WEXP) class. Please follow up with staff at your campus Internship/Co-op office to complete the referral process.

Work Experience Classes - Eligible students earn credits for a paid or unpaid internship, volunteer opportunity or job. If you are working in a job related to your major, you may register for Work Experience 298 or 498 classes.  If your work is not related to your major, register for General Work Experience 198. Students can earn a total of 16 Work Experience units.

Credits Transferable to CSU - California State University (CSU) will accept units of Work Experience 498 classes as electives when the students' work is related to their major. Check with the Instructor or Coordinator to determine if you are eligible for transferable units.

How it Works - The class helps students learn about the dynamics of the career How Los Rios Co-op Worksdecision making process by setting and achieving learning objectives at work. Students will also learn how to develop professional work habits to improve work performance. Work supervisors will assist the students in setting learning objectives, and completing performance evaluations.

For more information, read the frequently asked questions about Work Experience or frequently asked questions about Internships.