Internship Program

Los Rios Educational District Internship Program

If you have decided on a major and are ready for on-the-job training, the Internship Program (Intern/Co-op) is for you.  An internship provides on-the-job training in a skilled or professional level work environment related to a student's area of study. Through an extensive network of local employers, opportunities are available to you in your chosen field.

Through a Work Experience class, an instructor is assigned to visit you on the job, review your goals and objectives, and serve as a resource throughout the semester.  You will earn a letter grade based on a formal evaluation by the employer, the instructor, and self-evaluation.

It is the policy of the Los Rios Community College District to take action to guarantee that no qualified student or prospective student or any person in his/her educational relationship with the District shall be discriminated against or excluded from any benefits, Los Rios Community College Policiesactivities, or programs on the grounds of ethnic group identification, religion, sex, age, color, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, nor shall any students be discriminated against for conversing in a language other than English. However, students shall be required to speak English when an instructional setting necessitates the use of English for educational or communication purposes.

As an intern, you:

  • Enroll in a WEXP course and earn academic credit (1 - 4 units) for paid or volunteer positions
  • Learn about your chosen career
  • Acquire hands-on job experience in a carefully-structured and individualized program
  • Experience current practices in your chosen field
  • Receive career guidance in matching your skills to appropriate career positions
  • Obtain professional guidance in interviewing techniques, job search, and resume development

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be at least a second-semester (or more) student
  • Be in good academic standing (employers usually prefer 2.5 GPA and above)
  • Have a declared major and some career goals
  • Enroll in a Work Experience class. Class Schedules
  • Be goal oriented, motivated to learn and have good time management skills
  • To assist in a successful experience and learning opportunity, ESL students are recommended to be at a minimum intermediate level in ALL areas (ESL50) to benefit from participation in the program.

Assistance in obtaining an internship:

  • If you are eligible and ready to participate, register to view internship postings on the Los Rios Internships & Career Services - LINCS System
  • Print out all the postings that are of interest to you.
  • Make an appointment with your campus Intern/Co-op staff to start the referral process.
  • For your appointment, bring copies of the printed postings, your resume, unofficial transcripts and proof of enrollment in a Work Experience class.
  • Students are pre-screened and referred to employers for interviews by Intern/Co-op staff.
  • Students are responsible for keeping abreast of new internships, updating their application documents, and maintaining contact with Intern/Co-op staff.

I Agree to the above policy and disclaimer, and will abide by the above terms.

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