Frequently Asked Questions About Work Experience

How can I determine if my current job qualifies me for this program?

You must be able to demonstrate that you can learn something new and different from your current position. And your work supervisor must be willing to cooperate with the program requirements

My job is a very simple routine job. It's not related to my major. Can I still get credit?

There is more to learn about your job and the organization you work for than you realize. If you have trouble identifying new objectives, see your Work Experience Instructor/Coordinator.

Do you need a job or volunteer position to register for Work Experience?

Yes. If you do not have an internship or a job at the time you register in the Work Experience class, the Work Experience and Internship program will assist you in obtaining a position.

I'm currently volunteering without pay. Can I get Work Experience credit?

Yes. You must work for a bonafide, non-profit organization and substantiate work, work hours, etc.

I am self-employed. Do I qualify for Work Experience?

Yes. Discuss this with your Work Experience Instructor/Coordinator. You will need someone who will be able to evaluate your work and verify your hours.

What is required of my employer?

Your employer is asked to assist you in establishing new learning objectives related to your job and verify your work hours.

How will I benefit from participation in the Work Experience Program?

  1. A component of the program is a performance evaluation which includes objectives that can help you raise your standard of job performance. This puts you in a better position for:
    1. Salary/Increases
    2. Job satisfaction
    3. More interesting job assignments
    4. Promotion
    5. More challenging work
  2. You are encouraged to improve your performance in the specific area where your employer feels you need improvement.
  3. When you initiate goal-setting patterns on your job, you speed up progress on the job. This is an important concept to practice. When goal setting becomes a way of life, it can benefit your future life style.
  4. Evidence shows that a majority of Work Experience students improve their grade point average.

How many units do I get for my work?

For paid positions, 75 hours must be completed per unit. For unpaid positions, 60 hours must be completed per unit. Students may earn a minimum of one unit and a maximum of 4 units per term.

How do I register for the course?

You register for Work Experience just as you do for other courses. Check the schedule for Work Experience (WEXP) or check your major area for (subj) 498 courses.

WEXP 198 - For students interested in exploring various career options.
WEXP 298/(subj 298) - For students declared in a related certificate or associate degree level.
WEXP 498/(subj 498) - For students declared in a related transfer degree level program.

Can I take Work Experience and not attend the class and individual conferences?

No. First time participants to Work Experience must attend the weekly class. Returning participants are not required to attend the weekly class but are required to meet with the instructor regularly and as needed.

I have previously taken two semesters of Work Experience. Can I take a third?

The program has a limit of 16 units and a typical student takes 3 to 4 units a semester. If you have not exceeded the unit limit, you may continue in the program for up to four semesters.

How many units can I earn a semester?

Positions that are related to your declared major are eligible for 1-4 units. Positions that are not related to your major are eligible for 1-3 units.

Will Work Experience units assist me in meeting full-time academic status, such as financial aid, veteran's assistance, etc.?


How do Work Experience units relate to graduation requirements?

Work Experience units are considered elective units in most majors. They are required courses in others. See an academic counselor for guidance.

Are Work Experience units transferable to a California State University?

Up to 8 units of Work Experience 498 classes are transferable to CSU campuses.

Will Work Experience qualify under veteran's educational benefits?

Yes. Veterans must be eligible for business or vocational programs to receive veteran's educational benefits. The job must be related to the major.