Frequently Asked Questions About Internships

What are internships?

An internship provides on-the-job training in a skilled or professional level work environment related to a student's area of study.

How will an internship benefit me?

  • Learn professional skills in preparation for your chosen career.
  • Acquire hands-on experience in a structured program and develop career contacts.
  • Earn 1 - 4 units of academic credit for paid or unpaid positions.
  • Get a glimpse into your chosen career field.
  • Receive career guidance in matching your skills to appropriate positions.
  • Obtain guidance in managing your career.

What are the program requirements?

  • Work with the Intern/Co-op staff to assist in your placement.
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Completion of courses related to major.
  • Be willing to commit at least one semester.
  • Enroll in Work Experience course.

Who qualifies for internships?

  • Students who are in good academic standing
  • Have completed units within their major
  • Currently enrolled in classes in their major

How do I explore available internships?

Register to view current internship postings. You may also develop your own internship through networking with people in your field of interest.

How do I apply for an internship?

  • If you are eligible and ready to participate, register to the Los Rios Internships & Career Services - LINCS to HIRE Education System
  • Upload your resume, unofficial transcripts and proof of enrollment in a Work Experience course.
  • Make an appointment with your campus Intern/Co-op staff to start the referral process.
  • Students are pre-screened and referred to employers for interviews by Inter/Co-op staff.
  • Students are responsible for keeping abreast of new internships, updating their application documents and maintaining contact with Intern/Co-op staff.

Are there deadlines to apply for an internship?

In order to secure an internship before your work experience course starts, we request you apply for an internship at least two weeks prior to the start of a semester or summer term.

Can I receive academic credit for an internship?

Yes. For paid positions, 75 hours must be completed per unit. For unpaid positions, 60 hours must be completed per unit.

How do I register for the course?

You register for Work Experience just as you do for other courses.  Check the schedule for Work Experience (WEXP) or check your major area for (subj) 498 courses.

WEXP 198 - For students interested in exploring various career optionss.
WEXP 298/(subj 298) - For students declared in a related certificate or associate degree level.
WEXP 498/(subj 498) - For students delcared in a related transfer degree level program.

Can I develop my own internship?

Yes, as long as you have a cooperating supervisor willing to provide a learning experience for you.

How do companies select interns?

Once we have your information on file, we will submit your resume to companies where there is a possible fit for both you and the employer. The company will contact students for interviews.

Are internship units transferable?

Yes, California State University (CSU) will accept eight units of Work Experience 498 classes as electives when the student's work/internship is related to their major.

Can I complete more than one internship in a semester?

Yes, you can combine your internships, but they both must relate to your major. You will be required to verify all employment and create learning objectives for both.

What happens if I change internships mid-semester?

Depending on the circumstances, we will try to work out any situation you come up against. This should be discussed with your Work Experience instructor immediately.

Do I have to attend class?

First time participants are required to attend the weekly course. Returning participants are not required to attend the course but are required to meet with the instructor as needed to complete all program forms and assignments.

Is placement guaranteed?

No. Your placement depends on how well you interview, the skills and knowledge you can bring to an employer, and whether they select you for the position.

What is required of my employer/supervisor?

Your employer is asked to assist you in establishing new learning objectives related to your job or internship, evaluate your progress, and verify your work hours. This should take less than one hour of your supervisor's time during the semester.

How are internship hours tabulated?

  • Units earned are determined by the amount of hours worked, success with completing the specific & measurable Learning Objectives program forms and classroom assignments.
  • Maximum of 4 units per semester may be earned based on the following formulas for fall, spring, and summer sessions:
         Paid: 75 hours = 1 unit of credit
         Unpaid: 60 hours = 1 unit of credit

I am currently volunteering. Can I receive credit?

Yes. You can be in a paid or unpaid volunteer position as long as you adhere to the Work Experience requirements.

Can I get credit for an internship that I've already done?

No. The internship experience must be concurrent with Work Experience enrollment.

Are the internships included as experience on my resume?

Yes! Internships provide related experience in your field and will definitely attract an employer's attention when resumes are reviewed. Employers have rated career related experience as one of the highest factors that contribute to their decision to hire candidates for full-time career positions.

What can I do to prepare for an internship interview?

The Intern/Co-op office can assist in preparing you for an internship interview. Pick up interview questions and information, and/or sign up for an interview workshop at your campus Intern/Co-op office.