How Intern/Co-op Works for You

The Inter/Co-op Program markets and recruits students specific to your organizational needs.  Those students who have decided on a major, and are ready for on-the-job training, are matched with like occupations in your environment.  An internship job description guides us to meet your specific needs.

How Los Rios Community College Intern/Co-op Works for You Students are pre-screened on our campus.  Initially, we require our students to interview with Intern/Co-op staff, submit college transcripts that demonstrate our students are in good academic standing and have completed necessary coursework and submit a resume.  They complete this process by interviewing with you.  Both employers and students have the option to accept or reject an internship opportunity.

Selected students are required to enroll in one to four units of a Work Experience class, in addition to working at your workplace. Work Experience is a statewide academic program. College credits may be required for students to complete their major or units may be used as electives.  Los Rios Community College District - Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internship Program
All interns will develop goals and learning objectives for their internship. A course instructor will serve as a resource to both you and the student. Students are formally evaluated by their employers and instructors at the end of each semester, and a letter grade is earned based on these evaluations and relevant classroom assignments.

How to hire an intern:

  1. Register and post your internships on the Los Rios Internships & Career Services - LINCS System.
  2. Once activated, your internship position will be viewable to students.
  3. Students will be pre-screened by Intern/Co-op staff.
  4. Qualified student resumes will be sent to you for your review by Intern/Co-op staff.
  5. You select the best student(s) to fit your needs through an interview.
  6. The student enrolls and attends a weekly Work Experience class.

What next - After you select a student and determine a work schedule, the student (with your input) will establish specific learning objectives/tasks that can be accomplished at the worksite by the end of the school session.  You will evaluate the student's performance at midterm and at the end of the enrollment term.  The student will earn a letter grade based on your final evaluation and class assignments.

If you would like to retain your intern(s), then we invite you to discuss your interest with the student to come to a mutual agreement.

Programs of Study - Associate Degree and Certificate Programs

Our Commitment to You - We have been successfully developing employer partnerships for over 20 years with public and private sectors in the greater Sacramento area.  We have developed thousands of internships, and we are growing because of interested employers such as you.

We realize that without quality employer work environments, our students will not have quality internship opportunities.  Your commitment to our program is paramount.  Please let us know how we can best team with you to insure a mutually satisfying partnership.  We value your input, energy, and participation.