College Credit for Your Employees 

College Credit for Your Employees at Los Rios Cooperative Work Experience Education (Co-op) understands that today's employees are continually returning to college to keep up with the demands and changes in the workplace and to enhance their skill sets.  In addition, many work environments offer college incentives that lead to promotions.  Co-op can assist busy employees by offering college credit for their hard work and encouraging them to continue learning.

How it works  - Co-op is a unique academic program which allows students (employees) to apply what they have learned in the classroom to their job site.  Through Co-op and the approval of the employee supervisor, employees can build new skills in their own work environment and earn 1-4 transferable college credits per semester.  How Co-op works at Los Rios Community College District Employees are required to develop a minimum of three specific learning objectives in their work environment-either expand current job tasks or work on new ones. Employer supervisors will evaluate their progress.  We will provide the necessary forms. (We promise, this will take a minimum of your time!)  Employees  will also need to attend Co-op's once a week Work Experience class or do an online course. This is an especially helpful class for employees that may be considering a career transition in their organization or are not clear about their own career path.  We have learned that some times low productivity is a result of career indecision.  In all, employees can earn up to 16 college credits through work experience.

What Are the Steps?

  1. Register for the appropriate Co-op Work Experience class.  Employees working in their college major and are taking or have taken a course in that area would enroll in that area's Co-op Work Experience class (e.g., an administrative assistant would enroll in Business Work Experience).
  2. Attend weekly class or do the class online. We offer both online and classroom formats.   We offer 8,14, and 16 week sessions.   Necessary forms and instructons are given to students in the first few class sessions, and then the class with career related topics begins.
  3. Together, the employee and the supervisor decide on a minimum of three specific goals and objectives that the employee will work on in the organization.
  4. Twice during the school session using the forms we provide, the supervisor will evaluate the employee's progress and sign off on a timesheet we provide to verify time worked on the objectives.
  5. The employee earns a letter grade based on the supervisor's progress report and classroom assignments.